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Onkos Surgical

Patrick Treacy, Antony Koblish and Adele Oliva saw a unique opportunity for one company to demonstrate leadership and set the agenda for innovation in surgical oncology. Founded in 2015, with best-in-class innovation partners, Onkos Surgical will deliver high quality implants and instruments that meet the unique needs of musculoskeletal tumor patients. From modular segmental systems to customized solutions and patient specific products, Onkos Surgical will partner with surgeons to provide new innovations to help address complex cases.
Onkos Surgical has capabilities to increase the speed and delivery of innovation. Onkos Surgical is leveraging new technologies, such as 3D printing, to meet the unique needs of the cancer patient or surgeon. Onkos Surgical will develop products for both hard and soft-tissue applications while continuing to explore strategic partnerships to differentiate our product portfolio.
With great customer responsiveness, manufacturing lead-times and quality, our vision is to be able to service and support the needs of the surgical oncologist

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