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  • ConMed


    In2Bones offers innovative solutions addressing a hospital or surgical center’s revenue-earning potential.

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  • DJO


    DJO Global, Inc. is a leading global provider of high-quality, orthopedic devices, with a broad range of products used for rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy.

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  • Lipogems


    LIPOGEMS is ideal for patients that have an orthopaedic condition, unable to get major, invasive surgery, would like another option to major, invasive surgery, or would like to be used in conjunction with their surgery.

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  • New Clip

    New Clip

    Founded in 2002, NEWCLIP TECHNICS is based near Nantes, in Western France. The company designs, manufactures and markets various ranges of osteosynthesis implants for elective surgery or traumatology.

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  • Onkos Surgical

    Onkos Surgical

    Patrick Treacy, Antony Koblish and Adele Oliva saw a unique opportunity for one company to demonstrate leadership and set the agenda for innovation in surgical oncology.

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  • TriMed Inc

    TriMed Inc

    In an industry where traditional methods of plate and screw fixation drive a fiercely competitive market, TriMed has advantageously positioned itself as one of the lead innovators in the field of orthopaedics by redefining the treatment of periarticular fractures through ORIF.

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