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Founded in 2002, NEWCLIP TECHNICS is based near Nantes, in Western France. The company designs, manufactures and markets various ranges of osteosynthesis implants for elective surgery or traumatology.
Innovation, quality and performance are at the heart of our company's values.
  • Innovation: We are committed to developing innovative products through an ambitious R&D program, as confirmed by numerous international patents such as the prize-winning (French Ministry of Research) polyaxial locking mechanism Dual Tech System (DTS®).
  • Quality: We care deeply about constantly improving our products to maintain the highest standards of quality and we offer products well-adapted to the market, in keeping with current international standards. NEWCLIP TECHNICS has been granted ISO 13485: 2003 Certification.
  • Performance: With our top-of-the-range machinery and equipment, we continue to invest in the latest cutting-edge technologies to design and turn out innovative high-performance products.
Our customers' satisfaction is a priority and thanks to our latest design tools and production means, we are gradually extending our range of products.
The company is already established in 25 countries (Europe, USA, Japan, Australia and South Africa...) and sets out to provide high-tech solutions to the latest surgical trends.
NEWCLIP TECHNICS focuses its activity on research and innovation in order to continue to develop the best anatomical implants with exclusive technologies.
Among these technologies, the polyaxial DualTec System® fixation offers surgeons the mechanical stability they need, but also great freedom in placing the plates and screws.
The DualTec System® patented technology indeed enables the screw to be angulated before being locked on a plate. The DualTec System® is as simple as a standard screwed system and facilitates the process of bone rehabilitation.
This locking technology also exists in a miniaturized version called DualTech System 2® which was developed for minimally invasive thinner implants (2mm) (e.g.: distal radius, lateral clavicle).

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