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Discovery® Elbow System
Category: Shoulder/Elbow

The Discovery® Elbow System features spherical condyles on the hinge to allow for increased articular surface contact. Hinge laxity allows for proper anatomical varus/valgus movement in the elbow, and the spherical condyles can be assembled in the joint from a posterior approach.


Bearing Design

  • Spherical hinge reduces wear by providing increased articular surface contact area between the humeral and ulnar components
  • Varus/valgus laxity of 7 degrees
  • Optimized hinge size addresses individual anatomy by allowing any humeral component to be used with any ulnar component
  • Posterior hinge allows for assembly or disassembly without compromising either epicondyle

Humeral Stem

  • Bowed stem reproduces anatomy through 5 degree lateral offset and 5 degree internal rotation
  • Cylindrical base preserves bone to minimize stress risers at the supracondylar columns1
  • Anterior flange for enhanced rotational stability and to help prevent posterior sublaxation

Ulnar Stem

  • 23 degree anterior neck angle of stem allows for anatomic axis of motion
  • Polyethylene offset and lateral bow provide for reproduced anatomy
  • Clinically proven ArCom® polyethylene reduces the possibility of stress hemi-delamination and early polyethylene failure2,3


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