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MTF Biologics

We save and heal lives by accelerating innovation and holding ourselves accountable to patients, donors, their families, and the clinicians who serve them.
Upholding the highest standards ensures the best possible patient experiences.
Headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, MTF Biologics has been saving and healing lives for more than 30 years by honoring donated gifts, serving patients, and advancing science. From orthopedics, to wound care, to plastic and reconstructive surgery, we are innovators of scientific progress and patient advocacy.
MTF Biologics at a Glance
As a global nonprofit organization that saves and heals lives by honoring donated gifts and serving patients, we collaborate with the medical, scientific, as well as organ and tissue donation communities. Our colleagues include:
  • The International Institute for the Advancement of Medicine (IIAM): a division of MTF Biologics, honors donors of non-transplantable organs and tissue by providing their gifts to the medical research community to combat and cure disease.
  • Statline: a division of MTF Biologics, provides specialized communications and technology expertise to organ, tissue, and eye procurement organizations, as well as the hospital and patients that they serve.
  • The German Institute for Cell and Tissue Transplantation (DIZG): our sister organization, further expands our global reach to patients around the world.
Our goal is simple–do what's right for patients, surgeons, tissue donors, and their families through our guiding principles:
  • We transform by providing safe, high-quality grafts from donated human tissues that are used in a growing array of clinical fields.
  • We collaborate by forging relationships with experts in tissue and organ recovery, as well as leading physicians and scientists, to accelerate innovation and ensure the best possible experiences and outcomes for patients. 
  • We innovate by advancing the science of transplantation by supporting research within our own organization and among clinicians and researchers worldwide.
  • We give back by reinvesting in research to positively affect lives across the globe.

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